Get to Know Snuffy

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Get to Know Snuffy

Snuffy, how did you get your nickname?

From an unfortunate experience with a can of Garretts Sweet Snuff…I got sicker than…[shakes his head]…wasn’t very sweet if you wanna know the truth. I’ve had the nickname since I was 12.


How long have you worked at Tejas?

Danged if I know! Either 17 or 18 years; I’ve lost count. Longer than I ever would’ve thought I’d still been here!


What do you like to hunt?

There’s not really anything I don’t like to hunt. Deer mostly ‘cuz that’s what’s here.


South African Landscape

South African Landscape

What did you think of hunting in South Africa?
[Snuffy went in June 2009 with his Tejas friends; they spent 14 days in Africa, hunting for 10. Flip through the South Africa photo album.]

I loved it. It was just a hoot. An absolute blast…I want to go back so bad I can’t hardly stand it.


Which South African game did you enjoy hunting the most?

I guess the impala and the wildebeest. I love those impala. Impala’s not a real tough animal – not like a wildebeest.

Wildebeest is tougher than a boiled owl.


Snuffy at the Range

Snuffy at the Range

Who taught you how to shoot?

I’m mostly self-taught. Nobody taught me to hunt – I learned by trial & error – mostly error.


What are your favorite shooting brands?

My favorite rifles are Winchester and Kimber.

My favorite handgun is Kimber. I just love ‘em; they shoot so well.


Do you collect antique guns?

They may become antiques, but that’s not why I got ‘em!


What did you do before Tejas?

I worked in the oilfield as a drilling supervisor for Arco 27 years. I retired but I didn’t like retirement so I came here. One of these days I’m gonna try it [retirement] again.

KimKim says “No he’s not!

I’ve told Snuffy the only way

he’s ever leaving Tejas is in a pine box!”


What’s your favorite part of working for Tejas?

BS-ing the customers! I like it when a customer comes in and asks you your opinion and then disagrees with you – that happens all the time. Some of them like to argue a good bit.

Do you like to argue?

Hell yes! But I’d get run off if I said what I really thought.

Snuffy and Kim

Snuffy and Kim


What’s it like working with Kim [Tejas's owner]?

Kim and Shandy are like my adopted daughter and granddaughter. Hell, we ARE family – there’s no way of getting around it.


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