Get to Know Cesar

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11th July

First of all, it should be noted that Cesar is a newlywed – he married Rosalinda on June 14! Congratulations, Cesar!

Cesar, does your wife enjoy shooting?

She’ll go out and shoot with me. She likes my Remington 870, she calls that one hers. [Grins.]

I hear you have another job in addition to Tejas, what is it?

I’m an EMT for Permian Basin Ambulance.

I also hear you’re a volunteer firefighter, who for?

West Odessa. Basically I respond to medical calls, fire calls out there. Either structure or grass – I’ve done a lot of grass fires. We were very busy last year. [I’d] get off work, go get a truck, be on a fire, be out there for long periods of time, come back, take a shower, then get called out for something else. It was just a very long summer.

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