Get to Know Cesar

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Get to Know Cesar

First of all, it should be noted that Cesar is a newlywed – he married Rosalinda on June 14! Congratulations, Cesar!

Cesar, does your wife enjoy shooting?

She’ll go out and shoot with me. She likes my Remington 870, she calls that one hers. [Grins.]

I hear you have another job in addition to Tejas, what is it?

I’m an EMT for Permian Basin Ambulance.

I also hear you’re a volunteer firefighter, who for?

West Odessa. Basically I respond to medical calls, fire calls out there. Either structure or grass – I’ve done a lot of grass fires. We were very busy last year. [I’d] get off work, go get a truck, be on a fire, be out there for long periods of time, come back, take a shower, then get called out for something else. It was just a very long summer.

What is it like fighting a wildfire like that?

If it’s really windy, you may start putting out fires on one side, go around to the other side, come back and it’s rekindled.

Ok, back to Tejas, how long have you been working here?

Since February 14 [this year].

You started on Valentine’s Day, because you love guns, right?

Yes. [Chuckles.]

What is different in the way you understand guns, now that you’ve been working at Tejas?

You learn a lot just talking to the customers [and] the people that work here. I didn’t claim to know everything beforehand, but there are so many things [to learn]! Right now I’m trying to get into reloading [ammo] – so I’m learning that process, getting tips from a couple of guys who work here.

How long have guns been your hobby?

Probably 6 years. I’ve never been hunting. [Target shooting] is basically all I do. I’ve got a couple of rifles that’d be good for hunting, I just haven’t got an opportunity to go.

How did you get introduced to guns?

I bought my first handgun just as self-defense. And from there it just kinda progressed, you know, “This gun looks cool,” or I’d hear about something else, buy that and try it out.

As someone who’s relatively new to the gun world, how do you introduce others to the sport?

If they’re first-timers, I usually like to have them hold the gun, feel the gun – that’s a big thing: how comfortable it is in your hand. Maybe stick to the smaller caliber, [but] not too small, especially if it’s for home defense. The main thing is a good feel on the gun. We explain all the safety features, show them how to tear it down.

Have you noticed some favorite models among first-time purchasers?

I’ve had a lot of people really like the compact Glocks and the Smith & Wesson M&P series, they seem to be a real good fit from the get-go. And those two I mentioned have different back-straps so you can fit your hand a little tighter if you have bigger hands.

What are your favorite type of targets to shoot?

Tannerites – exploding targets – are fun but you can’t shoot those at The Range. If I’m at the Range it’s usually just paper targets; sometimes I use little clay pigeons.

KimKim says
Regarding the targets he likes to shoot…
He’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse
with cool 3D zombie targets and tannerite!

Have you ever competed?

I just haven’t taken that leap yet. There are specific guns I want for that competition so I gotta purchase those and [do] a lot, a lot of practice.

What are the three guns that you’d ideally like to have before you start competing?

As far as a pistol, the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro. I have a Jerry Miculek Mossberg 930 for my shotgun. And just basically an AR15.

How do your skills compare with the different guns?

On the pistol, I definitely need a lot more practice. I’m pretty decent on rifle and shotgun.

One last question, have you been given a nickname? Because it seems to happen when you work at Tejas long enough…

Not that I know of…I could have one.

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