Get to Know Charlie

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Get to Know Charlie

Tell me about your big family and where y’all come from.

My dad was in the oil field when he was having children so we were kind of all over the place at first. TeakAllen, my oldest brother, was born in Billings, Montana. Then there’s William who was born in Andrews, Texas. My little brother and myself were born in Grand Junction, Colorado, which we didn’t live there for very long. I think I was kindergarten-age when we moved to Idaho and then I’d been in Idaho till I was 22 or 23.

What was it like growing up in a house full of brothers?

It was fun. It was mostly exciting. It was like, ‘You can’t pick on your little brother, ‘cause I’ll beat you up,’ all the way down [the line]. If William picked on me, TeakAllen would beat him up. It’s TeakAllen, William, myself, and then James. But James took it from everybody, of course, because he’s the youngest.

How’d you become interested in guns?

My dad is big into rifle shooting. He’s an absolute amazing shot with a rifle. It’s ridiculous how good of a shot he is with a rifle!

Pistols? William actually got me interested in pistols…because that’s what he carries for his job [as a sheriff’s deputy]. I’m not necessarily a hunter. I would love to hunt, but by the time I was really interested in hunting I had moved to Texas and I just haven’t really gone [hunting] since we moved here. See, in Idaho it’s BLM, Boise Land Management, meaning anybody can go there, there’s not really any private land – so it’s really cool. I grew up camping and fishing and hiking. There wasn’t a weekend, from the time that the leash was off of me, that I wasn’t in the mountains. And that goes for any of my brothers: we may have been ‘city boys,’ but at heart we’re hillbillies.

Do you work here every Saturday?

Just CHL [Concealed Handgun License] Saturdays.

Tell me a little bit about you and your brother’s business, Jersey Girl Pizza.

Teak and I were in construction. We didn’t really foresee the economy going down in Idaho; it was dumb luck when we came here. Both of us have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. We came here with the intention of starting a construction business, but Teak Allen’s been in and out of kitchens his whole life.

KimKim says
Moving to Texas is never dumb luck!
The boys were naturally drawn to
the best place on earth!

Tell me how you first met Tejas’s owner, Kim.

Teak Allen and I bought Zach a birthday present, a KelTech 380, from [Tejas]. That was 6 years ago at least. None of us were working here at the time. That was my very first time in the shop. I didn’t get to meet Kim then. And then Zach actually brought a [different] gun in that he wanted to trade in. It was brand new. TeakAllen, Zach and I were in [Tejas] and Zach’s like, ‘I wanna trade this in,’ and Kim wouldn’t give him full retail price on it because once it comes off the shelf, it’s used – there’s no question about it – [at the time] we didn’t know, so we were like, “Dang, she’s hard core!” I think [Zach] ended up trading it with her anyways.

Charlie, Kim, & Jeremy at the Range

Charlie, Kim, & Jeremy at the Range

Then, Kim came out [to the Range] and shot, and she actually shot in Teak Allen’s group. And then we went out to lunch and – shoot – there were like 10 of us there, we BS’d for hours. When all the shooting buddies get together, it’s ridiculous [how] time flies!

KimKim says
Time isn’t the only the thing that flies…
you should see the amount of
lead we send down range!;)

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