Get to Know Shandy

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Get to Know Shandy

Shandy Heifner is the Tejas Office Manager, and daughter of owner, Kim.

Is Shandy your full name?

No, “Shandy” is short for Killashandra – my mom is crazy and she was reading a book while she was pregnant called Killashandra.

KimKim says
I’m not crazy, just bold!
Besides, she needed a unique name
to fit her unique personality!

Did you ever go by “Killashandra”?

Yes, in school I had to. I couldn’t write “Shandy,” I had to write Killashandra on my papers in Kindergarten – but no one ever calls me that [now]. I [do] have friends and family that would call me “Killa.” My name was supposed to be Ashley!

When did you start working at Tejas?

I guess I was about 9 – almost 16 years ago. I would just file, take out the trash, and vacuum.

What was it like growing up in a gun store?

It was fun, I was here every day. Every boy I was ever friends with loved that my parents owned a gun store – they thought that was the coolest thing. Some of the girls thought it was cool [too]. It was when we still had the archery range open, [the girls] would shoot my bow, and the [Tejas] guys would entertain us.

So it sounds like you consider Tejas people family?

Yes. Snuffy’s like my grandpa. All the other ones are just like uncles (except the young guys).

How did your job duties change as you grew up?

Whenever I got into high school I started waiting on customers, which I never liked. I just don’t know enough about all the stuff that they sell. Then I slowly started learning the office stuff.

Have you always worked at Tejas?

I quit once, and I think my mom fired me once! [Laughs.] And now I’ve been back for a couple of years. I only do office stuff now: accounting, accounts payable, payroll.

Does your knowledge of guns help in your office work?

It does help that I know what’s what, but it’s not really necessary.

Do you participate in gun sports?

I shoot [but] not like Mom. I don’t shoot competitively. I go out every once in a while and just have fun with it.

What is your gun of choice?

Right now I have a Kimber Solo which is fun, but I reallly like shooting my Mom’s Kimber.

When did you learn to shoot?

I don’t remember, I was so small – as soon as I could safely.

Are you a good shot?

I am! I took the CHL class a few months ago and shot top of the class.

KimKim says
Of course she shot
top of her class,
she takes after her momma!

Do you hunt?

No. I’m too soft-hearted for the whole hunting thing. My hunting stories usually involve me crying.

Tell me about your nickname, “Noodle.”

I’ve been Noodle since the day I was born. My grandma walked into the hospital room the day I was born and said, “there’s my little noodle.” My mom, my dad, my grandma…just family calls me that.

Having grown up in the gun community, how would you describe it?

It’s a very close community, everyone knows everyone. They’re definitely a good group of people to have on your side – especially with everything that’s happened the last week [after the robbery]. They’ll call and check on us, or email us, or come in and see how it’s going.

Where do you work in addition to Tejas?

I do hair. I work at Salon Panache. I’ve done hair for about 5 years. I love it, it’s fun. My business has picked up a lot in the last few months – it’s hard to keep up!

Are you your mom’s hair stylist?

I am! My mom has let me practice on her the last 7 years, at the beginning [my haircutting] wasn’t as awesome as it is now. I like doing short, funky hair styles. When I started beauty school [Kim’s] hair was down to her waist – and it’s just gotten shorter, and shorter, and shorter as I’ve practiced! She has a good face shape for short hair.

What’s it like working at the family business?

I love working with my mom – it gives us a few extra hours a week to see each other. She has an amazing crew right now. If you count my childhood, I’ve been here as long or longer than any of the other employees. I love ‘em all and they’re all awesome guys.

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