Tejas Gun Girl: Charlie, Kim and the rattlesnake

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Night before last, I was getting ready for bed and Charlie came in and told me he needed my help with a rattlesnake in the yard. He handed me a Streamlight Game Spotter (one of my favorite tactical lights) but it wasn’t mounted on any of the MANY firearms we own. To my surprise and consternation, he grabbed a rake and a shovel and led me to the snake. We get to the snake and he is pissed! The dogs have been raising heck with him and he’s letting us know that he’s ready to rumble. At this point, I should probably mention I’m TERRIFIED of rattlesnakes, (see picture of Sadie after she encountered one a couple of months ago)! I squeal like a girl every time I see one and the hair on the back of my neck is already at full attention. Anyway, Charlie tells me to hold the light on the snake while he’s trying to pin him down with the rake. The snake strikes the rake, I scream like a girl, the light moves off the snake, and Charlie yells at me to point the light. He proceeds to tell me that HE’S scared! He finally pins the rattlesnake and kills him with the shovel. After the dusts settles and my heart rate returns to normal, I asked Charlie why he didn’t just shoot the snake. He replied that he will NEXT time. LMBO!! I guess my days of holding the light while he wrangles snakes are over!

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