Get to Know Erica

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Get to Know Erica

(photo l-r: Kim and Erica, with Charlie in background)

Interview with Erica Quiroz on 6.25.15

How long have you been part of the Tejas team?

At February [2015], I completed a year!

How did you come to join Tejas?

My husband was working for [Teak and Charlie’s] Jersey Girl [Pizza], he was going to ministry school at the time. That was cool: I hung around with [the JGP and Tejas crews] already before I even worked here.

It’s such a family between JGP and Tejas, isn’t it?

Yeah! It’s really all about each other!

I [had] got to know Kim, she’s just an awesome gal, awesome-awesome – I love her! And she asked me if I wanted to work here. I told her, ‘I have no experience in guns.’ I was afraid of guns! I was!

She [said], ‘Well, you’ll be working in the office. I’ll teach you. As long as you’re willing to learn, I’ll teach you!” So I was just like, ‘Why not?!’ [I was] taking a chance, stepping in it with faith. [laughs] I’ve got to learn so much – I’m not afraid of guns anymore!

What’s the solution for fear of guns?

Research! The more you know about guns, the more respect and more comfortable [you’ll feel]. Basically, learn the safety [rules]. I didn’t know any safety [at first], so of course I was afraid. It’s really cool that I got over that fear.

What else do you recommend?

Take the basic handgun class! That [course] really got me [thinking], ‘No, I CAN do this!”

So you took the basic handgun class?

I did! And ever since then, I’ve been like, ‘This is awesome!’ And, I want my kids to know [gun safety] so my kids can be safe. I don’t want them to be afraid of anything. I have two boys. I want to teach them so If one day they do come face-to-face with a firearm they won’t say, ‘What do we do?’ and want to pull the trigger – because that’s a boy’s instinct for playing.

How are you at shooting? Are you a pretty good shot?

Oh yeah, I picked it up right away! I did the CHL course and I made, I think, 3 away from making a perfect score! [Grins] I had a blast! It was SO much fun!!

What is your role at Tejas?

Accounting – I deal with all the invoices, pay bills, cut the checks, I file – anything! I always ask [Kim], ‘What do you need? Do you want me to do something?’ She’s always teaching me things! Recently, Kim asked me if I wanted to work on the [sales] floor. So, now I’m here every morning. It’s usually just me and the other guy working. I’ll do [floor] and then I’ll work in the office. This [office] is my priority. I do [floor work] kind of part-time.

How did working the floor help your office work?

It taught me what to read because [before] I didn’t know any mark or brand of guns, ammo, or accessories. So being around [the inventory] helps me out a lot.

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