Get to Know Isaiah

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Get to Know Isaiah

Interview with Isaiah Gomez on 8.12.15

What drew you to work at Tejas?

I wanted to work somewhere that seemed really enjoyable. I wanted a job inside, and with people. It was naturally a place where I would be around people, and sales, and with a team.

Has this met your hopes for a workplace?

It’s been good! I really like the challenge of, if we don’t have something or if I don’t know something. Every day I’m learning. I’m trying to figure out what people want and how to get it to them.

How do you go about learning the things you don’t know?

Google. Google and everyone who’s been here longer than me is a mentor, so if I have a question and I don’t know what to look up, [the Tejas crew] is pretty helpful in training me.

What seems to be a question or product that’s being brought up a lot by Tejas customers?

People ask a lot about [our] display of suppressors – everyone will just kind of stop and look at them, and say, “Whoa, I didn’t know those were legal!” – so they’ll ask on the process of purchasing a suppressor. And the other one is .22 ammo, it’s really hard to keep on the shelves!

How did you get into gun culture? Was your dad the one that got you into guns?

Yes, ma’am. And I guess my exposure to gun culture has mainly come through hunting.

What kind of game do you prefer to hunt?

Nothing’s more exciting than deer hunting. But, I think one of my favorite things is bird hunting – doves, especially.

What makes a deer hunt so exciting?

The patience. The amount of time you have to wait to see a deer and then the time that you see the deer to actually get a shot off, and then maybe it keeps walking and you don’t get a shot off. It’s pretty exciting. It’s a gamble every year. You know, it’s like maintaining food plots or feeders and all that time and money and you still might not get something.

How do you like deer meat?

I love it! My absolute favorite way to eat deer is chicken-fried backstraps. [But] my favorite game food item is breakfast sausage from wild hogs.

On a challenge scale, where is hunting wild hogs?

I know lots of people have a problem with them in the state, they’re a really invasive species and they tear up the land. Where we [hunt], they do tear up some of the land, but hunting is kinda hard because they’re mostly nocturnal and any time I’ve ever seen them during the day they’re usually [out] when I’m out trying to hunt deer. Any time I’ve seen [a hog], I’ve gotten one. They’re not too hard to shoot, but they’re hard to locate and predict when they’ll be out.

Do you have a favorite gun to shoot?

I do have a favorite gun! It’d have to be a Ruger 10/22. The one I use belonged to my great granddad. It’s an old gun, but it’s a reliable one and fun to shoot.
In addition to hunting, do you also go out to a shooting range? Do you like target shooting?
We do some target shooting out at a piece of land we have, but I’ve never been to a target range. But I’ve done some sighting-in for my deer rifle and things like that. If my dad’s around then we’ll have a competition for accuracy.

Now that you’ve been exposed to more gun culture at Tejas are there new things you want to explore?

I knew coming in that my knowledge was pretty limited and I wanted to learn while I was here. I recently switched my major to Business Management, so one of the things that I’ve recently become interested in is the business aspect of it – how to open up a conversation with the customer.

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