Get to Know Tyler

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Get to Know Tyler

Interview with Tyler Williams on 6.25.15

How long have you been with Tejas?

3 months.

What brought you to Tejas?

I like guns. I was friends with Gunner, who used to work here, and Cesar, who still does.

How long have you been into guns?

Since I can remember.

Do you have many family members into guns?

A lot of them. My dad really likes them, he’s never done much more with them than go hunting with them, but he really likes guns.

What kind of gun sportsman are you?

I do a lot more just going to the range than anything now.

What are your favorite types of firearms to use at the range?

Anything that goes BOOM! [chuckles]

You don’t have a preference?

Not really. I like semi-automatic versus bolt-action.

What are your favorite types of targets to shoot?

I really like Tannerite® or the targets you can play games on. There’s a battleship target – you play battleship against each other with the targets.

So, have you done any competitive target shooting?

No. I would like to. I like the three guns.

What is your favorite thing about working here at Tejas?

I like the fact that the staff is like a family. Everybody takes care of each other. We can all talk to each other. We all know about each other’s families, about what’s going on.

What are you favorite types of questions from customers?

I really like letting people know their rights with guns, like them being able to carry it in a car. I like when the guys come in [and say], ‘Oh, I can have this in my car, right? As long as it’s unloaded and in the back seat, and out of reach and I don’t have any ammo for it?’ And I like telling them, ‘Actually it can be loaded, and it can be in your reach, it just has to be concealed.’ I like letting people know their rights and that they do have the right to defend themselves and the right to have their firearms in certain places.

How did you educate yourself about gun rights?

Before, I would just get any information where I could and see what I could match up. Since I’ve been working here, I found out about Texas Law Shield ( so I’ve actually been reading a lot of their online stuff and looking at their videos to learn more, and making sure I’m correct on everything.

Tell me some more misconceptions gun owners may have that you want to correct.

[It’s a misconception] that .45 is the only caliber you can use for self-defense. There’s a lot of guys that think you have to have the largest bullet out there to defend yourself. And, in my opinion that’s not true. After looking at some different studies and things, I think when you’re talking about self defense it’s going to come down to training and shot placement over caliber.

Any other misconceptions that you’d like to correct?

Another [misconception] is that a lot of guys do not think women can shoot guns, or they want to buy their wife the smallest possible gun because they don’t think their wife’s going to be able to handle a bigger one. When in truth when you look at competition shooters, the women, actually, very often out-perform the men. So, that’s a huge misconception we deal with a lot.

How do you convince skeptical men otherwise?

With a lot of guys, it’s really hard to convince them. When they’re looking for a gun for their wife I usually just try to convince them into getting their wife into the store so we can figure out what’s more comfortable to HER versus what he thinks is going to be comfortable – because those can be two completely different things.

If you succeed in getting the wives into the store, do they often choose something radically different than what their husbands were thinking of?

A lot of the time, yes, because a lot of the wives we get in here just want something for home-defense versus self-defense, so they don’t have to have the smallest possible gun. Their husband wants to buy something they can fit in the palm of their hand, very small. But if [the women] just want something for home-defense you can get a bigger gun, first of all you have more ammo, and then it can be also be a lot more comfortable to shoot and less recoil. A lot of the time, the husband thinks, ‘The smallest possible gun, the smallest possible bullet,’ and the wives get in here and they figure out, ‘Oh, I CAN handle this and this one’s a lot more comfortable,’ [and they choose] a completely different gun.

Do the wives often take their certification courses through Tejas?

Yeah, actually we have a lot of people who will come in here, get the guns, shoot them, get a little more comfortable with them, and then decide. ‘I want to take my CHL,’ or , if they don’t know anything about [guns] they take our Basic Handgun Course, and then they are all about getting their CHL.

Have you seen any husband’s opinions change after seeing their wives shoot?

Not necessarily customers, but from personal experience I’ve seen a lot of guys that I go shooting with – their wives will come out and shoot and [the husband’s] opinions radically change [for the better]. Also, the fact that [Tejas’s owner] Kim shoots competition, it’s good to have that to tell the guys.

Are there any guns on your wish list?

Right now I really want a Kel-Tec SUB- 2000. It is a carbine. The one I want shoots 9 mm, it’s a rifle that folds in half. I’m not 21 so I can’t concealed-carry a handgun, but I CAN concealed-carry a long gun in a lot of places. Therefore, if I get this, I can still have the option to defend myself and carry without breaking the law. I also own a GLOCK 17 handgun and the Kel-Tec [I want] uses the same magazines – and so I would have a long gun and a hand gun that use the same magazine and ammunition.

Which Tejas coworker tells the best stories?

Stories – that would definitely be Jose.

And whose brain do you like to pick the most among the Tejas staff?

I really like to talk to Cesar about the NFA [National Firearms Act] items, like the suppressors, short-barrel rifles. He would probably be the most knowledgeable person here about that. We get a lot of questions about that, and it’s still something that’s kind of unclear, and one thing can completely change how the whole process works.

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